Safety information

The safety of everyone at Centenary Archers Club, whether they are shooting or just watching, is of paramount importance. Archery safety is a matter of exercising common sense, good judgement and courtesy1. All members are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others1. To make sure that everyone stays safe on and off the field we follow a few simple rules, some of which are outlined below. Our club’s Safety Policy follows that of archery’s national governing body in Australia (Archery Australia). Everyone who shoots at Centenary Archers  is a member of Archery Australia, and so should read, understand, and abide by the full Safety Policy1.

  • There is no place on or off the shooting line for any form of horseplay. Never touch or strike other people, throw objects or distract other people while they are shooting.
  • Any bow which is drawn (even without an arrow) must be pointed towards the target, and only then if it is intended to be shot.
  • A bow must never be drawn and released without an arrow on the string (Dry Fire). To do so could result in damage to the bow limbs, a broken string and/or injury to the archer.
  • Never shoot an arrow into the air or attempt to shoot an arrow over a distance. This is the most dangerous action an archer can do.
  • Care must be exercised when drawing arrows out of the target to ensure there is no one standing behind the arrows.
  • Exposed carbon fibre strands from broken carbon fibre arrows or limbs can penetrate the skin and cause health problems and therefore care must be taken to avoid touching the exposed fibres.
  • Never run on an archery field, with or without arrows in hand; always carry arrows with the points held in the hand.
  • Under no circumstance is shooting permitted if there is someone on the field near or behind the targets. Everyone must be behind the shooting line before the signal to start shooting is given.
  • Always take care to avoid making physical contact with other archers when handling a bow and arrow. It is easy to touch a person with the bow tips or an arrow which can cause distraction to another person.
  • Never distract other archers while they are shooting unless you notice a safety issue.
  • If a bow or an arrow falls in front of the shooting line, never go forward to retrieve the arrow. Wait until all shooting has stopped and the signal to go forward has been given.
  • Always step back behind the waiting line (situated at least 2 metres behind the shooting line) when finished shooting.
  • Alcohol or drugs must never be consumed before or during shooting.
  • Recurve bows should only ever be strung using a recommended method.
  • Always approach targets from the side so as not to walk into arrows in the target or lodged in the ground.
  • When approaching targets look for arrows lodged in the ground short of the target as nocks are very sharp and can injure legs.
  • Always wear the appropriate protective equipment such as armguard, finger tab and if required, a chest guard.
  • It is advisable to wear tight fitting clothes. Covered footwear, not sandals or thongs, is essential. Long hair should be tied back and bulky items should be removed from chest pockets.

1: Archery Australia Safety Guidelines, 6th Edition, Archery Australia Inc Board, 2011, Policy #1018

For all Archery Australia official documents please visit their “Policies and Procedures” page on the Archery Australia website.

Author: Naomi Etheridge

Last updated: 2013-04-09