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Sunday Shoot – 12:00 to 14:00 – Check the board on Saturday for the latest


*Subject: [SQAS Archery] Inaugural Archery Queensland Championships*

Calling all Queensland Archers! Announcing the first Championships hosted
by Archery Queensland:

*The 2013 Archery Queensland Short Range Championships.*

FITA 900, Short Canberra, Junior Canberra, Geelong, or Newcastle

Everyone welcome, including novice and social archers!

This is a multi-venue event to be held all over Queensland:

– Brisbane: Centenary Archers Club

– Mareeba: Tableland Company of Archers

– Rockhampton: Peace International Archery Club

– Townsville: Townsville Target Archers

Enter online, by email, or by post.

Invitation attached.

More information from Naomi Etheridge, Archery Queensland Secretary:
*SQAS Webiste*


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Subject: Archery Australia Appoints High Performance Manager

*From:* James Larven < archeryaustralia@bigpond.com >

*Sent:* Tuesday, July 30, 2013 5:42 PM

*To:* Mailing List < archeryaustralia3@bigpond.com >

*Subject:* Archery Australia Appoints High Performance Manager

Hi All,

Archery Australia Board is pleased to advise the appointment of Lorinda
Rugless as our new High Performance Manager, Lorinda will be starting in
mid September 2013.


Lorinda Rugless joins Archery Australia having worked for just under seven
years for the International Cricket Council based in the United Arab
Emirates. Lorinda joined the ICC in 2006 as the Member Services Manager, a
role that saw her assisting the organistation’s then 105 members in matters
including governance, business practice, coach education and later

In 2010, Lorinda was appointed full-time as the ICC’s Anti-Doping and
Medical Manager and has been responsible for establishing international
cricket’s anti-doping program. Her remit included the roll out of all-year
round testing, implementing an athletes’ whereabouts program and assisting
the ICC’s 10 Full Members to establish their domestic programs. Whilst in
this role, Lorinda also managed the ICC Medical Committee’s projects.

Prior to joining the ICC, Adelaide-born Lorinda worked for the Australian
Sports Commission travelling throughout the Pacific Islands as the manager
of the Oceania Sport Education Program. She also worked for the South
Australian Office for Recreation and Sport managing the Volunteer and Coach
Education Centre.

Lorinda is a lover of all sports and was an avid basketball player in her
younger days, as well as a Level 2 basketball coach and team manager of
Australian junior basketball teams.

Quote: “I am delighted to be taking up the role of High Performance Manager
with Archery Australia and am eager to take on the new challenges that lie

“I am looking forward to working alongside Archery Australia’s athletes,
coaches and stakeholders to provide the best possible high performance
environment in the lead up to the 2016 Olympic Games and beyond.”

This information can also be found on the Archery Australia website,
Facebook and Twitter pages.



James Larven
Archery Australia


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