Hello Fellow Archeringle Bells,

Two (2) weeks today is Christmas. Peter has yet to start Christmas shopping.


Peter Mc [?]


*Christms Break Up – 21 December 2013*

Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun

We are having:

1. Competition Shoot – Practice 13:00 – Start 13:30
2. Extra-Ordinary General Meeting at 15:00 to be presented with the
Financial Auditor’s report
3. Meal after shoot
4. Secret Santa – Donations of presents are welcome – Please give to

Stay tuned for more details. RSVP to petermcc@bigpond.com.au


*Christmas Shoot*

To assist with planning for the Christmas shoot you will need to register.

For the once only price of $0.00 you can register for the shoot. That is
correct – I did say $0.00 and I mean $0.00.

Here’s the link to the registration form for the Christmas shoot:



*Sunday Shoot* – Check the container door