Hello All,

Quiet on the news front.

Remember that this Sunday is the QRE at Centenary Archers Club

Fantastic if people could be there by 7 to 7:30 to help with the set up


Peter Mc[?]


*Qualifying and Ranking Event = November 10, 2013 = Centenary Archers Club
= Our Club *

Morning and afternoon rounds:
Single or Double WA 720 Rounds at 70 m or 50 m
Single or Double AA 720 Rounds at 60m, 50 m, or 45 m, or 35 m


Adults: $10 per round (i.e. $20 for morning AND afternoon round)
Under 18: $8 per round( i.e. $16 for morning AND afternoon round)
Fees can be paid online prior to the event using PayPal or Credit Card
Registration on the day will incur a 50% late fee.


Bow inspection 08:30 followed by a minimum of 20 minutes practice,
after which scoring will commence (approximately 09:00).
Bow inspection for second round will begin at approximately 12:30.

A delicious lunch will be available for $5 after the morning shoot

Registration via the CALENDAR on our website
Go to November 10 & click on the link, or use the following:
*ENTRIES CLOSE: Saturday, November 9th, 2013*
For further details contact Andre Buhot (andrebuhot@gmail.com or phone 0428
694 504)

pdf icon QRE-20131110.pdf