Hi Fellow Archerillians,

Hope you are travelling goodly. December is near…..


Peter Mc [?]


*Christms Break Up – 21 December 2013*

Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun

We are having:

1. Competition Shoot
2. Extra-Ordinary General Meeting at 15:00 to be presented with the
Financial Auditor’s report
3. Meal after shoot
4. Secret Santa

Stay tuned for more details. RSVP to petermcc@bigpond.com.au


*EOMS on 30 November 2013*

We are firing up the barbie as well – Food at 13:00 or 1:00pm


*Sunday Shoot* – Check the container door


*QRE Indoor Invitation*
Mt. Petrie Bowman – Belmont


*[SQAS Archery] QRE results*


Please distribute to your members..


doc icon 2013-Indoor-QRE-Invitation.doc
pdf icon Results-Field-QRE-17112013-Belmont.pdf
pdf icon Results-Indoor-QRE-191113-MPB.pdf