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Archery Trivia A Bit of History

The first known organised archery competition in England was held at
Finsbury, in 1583 and included 3000 participants!
Stone arrowheads have been found dating back to the Stone Age (50,000 BC).
The recurve bow is thought to have been invented by the Assyrians (c.1200
St Sebastian (280 AD) is the patron saint of archers.
Henry I (1135 AD) proclaimed that an archer could be absolved of murder if
he killed a man during archery practise, but only if he first shouted
‘Fast’ (meaning Stand Fast). Today we shout ‘Fast’ to the archer, not the
unwary innocent.
Battle of Crecy, 1346 AD. Edward III of England and his archers defeat the
French by keeping their flax bowstrings dry under their hats. Thought to be
the origin of the phrase ‘keep it under your hat’.
James II, King of Scotland (1457 AD) bans football and golf as they
interfere with archery practise.
Edward IV, King of England (1477 AD) bans cricket as it is interfering with
compulsory archery practice.
The ‘Antient Scorton Arrow’ archery
tournament was founded in Yorkshire in 1673 AD and is still held to this