Hello Fellow Archerombies,

As you slide down the handrails of life may the splinters always point down.


Peter Mc [?]


Over the next few weeks I will be sharing information found on our Club
website. Today is Etiquette.

*Centenary Archers Club Inc – Etiquette*

Some archers take their shooting very seriously while other archers see the
sport as a leisure activity. Due consideration should be given to those who
might become upset by distracting behaviour.

All members are advised:

– Not to talk to or disturb other archers during shooting.
– When finished shooting, to quietly step back from the Shooting Line to
the Waiting Line to give other archers a chance to finish without
– Never to remark on another archer’s shooting during an end unless
there is a safety issue.
– Never to comment on another archer’s shooting as this may upset or
distract them.
– Always to pass encouraging remarks and never to be disparaging.
– Always to signal the Director of Shooting (DOS) if a problem occurs
and never bother another archer.
– Never to touch or remove other archer’s arrows in the target unless
asked to remove them.
– If asked for advice, never to presume the duties of an Instructor or
– Always to pay attention to and co-operate with officials.
– Never to upset other archers on the field by complaining.
– Never to touch, move or alter equipment belonging to someone else
– Always to exercise the greatest care when scoring.

*Annual General Meeting (AGM) of our Club *

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of our Club will be held on the 27th
September 2014. A nomination form is attached to this email. Please
consider nominating for a role if you feel the need to help and assist your

*Centenary Cup*

Centenary Cup will be held this Saturday. Practice shoot at 13:30 and start
at 14:00.


Hi Clubs,

Please find attached the revised flyer from AQ. Please note there are 2
venues in SQ hosting this event, Centenary Archers Club located at *Sumner
in Brisbane* and Hervey Bay Archers located in *Hervey Bay*.

Please let your archers know.



SQAS Communications

Warm regards

Strafford Stark

*President – Archery Queensland Inc*

*[SQAS Archery] Sporting Wheelies Come and Try Archery 31 August 2014*

Hi Clubs,

Just a reminder about the Sporting Wheelies Come and Try Day at Samford on
Sunday 31 August 09.30 to 11.30.

This follows on from the last event hosted at MPB in February.

We are looking for a good turn up of Archery Instructors and Coaches.

I have had a few replies to date but we will need more volunteer
instructors for this morning.

Could I ask you to organise with your instructors/coaches to see if they
can help out and then to email me soon at hagaman@techsus.com.au .

We will need instructors from 09.00 to 12.00 I would think.


Brian Hagaman

SQAS Communications


*Subject:** Final AQ Tournament flyer (the real one this time!)*

Hi Club Secretaries,

Ahhh, the joys of technology.

You might have received a couple of notices recently about the Qld State
Championships run by Archery Queensland – the last one of which wasn’t
exactly readable.

Well…here’s yet another copy which should be legible and have working
links in the pdf. This is it. The final one!!!

Entries to the Target and Short Range are online (PayPal or credit card) or
by direct-deposit+email or by cheque+post.

We hope that everyone has a great day at the tournaments, has a lot of fun
and some awesome archery!

Please distribute to your members. Any and all questions can come to me,
please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!


Naomi Etheridge



*Agenda etc. for Delegates meeting on 23rd August.*

Please pass on the agenda and these reports to your delegates.

Terry Donovan


*[SQAS Archery] QRE Indoor results*

Hi All

Please distribute to your members.