Hello Fellow Archerombies,
Weather forescast is HOT HOT HOT for Saturday.

Remember when coming to archery to –

Slip on the hat

Slop on the sunscreen

Slap on the shirt

Slup on the water that you bring


Peter Mc [?]


*[SQAS Archery] Reminder re Matchplay weekend*

Dear archers – just a reminder that entries for the Matchplay weekend close
on Wednesday 19th November.

Terry Donovan


*NEWS FROM Archery Australia November 2014 – 1*

*2015 Key Dates*

2015 Australia Open 6 – 8 March 2015 – Hobart, Tasmania

2015 National Youth Archery Championships 7 – 11 April 2015 – Penrith, NSW

2015 National Indoor Championships 18 – 19 July 2015

2015 National Championships 23 – 27 October 2015 – Morwell, Victoria

N*ational Matchplay Series*

Event 1 – South Queensland – 22 and 23 November 2014

Event 2 – Western Australia – 7 and 8 February 2015?

Event 3 – Tasmania – 7 and 8 March 2015?

Event 4 – New South Wales – 21 and 22 March 2015?

FINALS – Adelaide (Date to be determined)

Further events may be added shortly.

For more details and entry forms go to the home page of the Archery
Australia website www.archery.org.au

*Archery Australia Scorecards*

Archery Australia Scorecard Templates have been updated for 2015 in
particular there have been changes to Field scorecards and the introduction
of specific recurve and compound individual, team and mixed team scorecards.

*Change in Field Scoring*

World Archery has recently changed the scoring for Field and how ties are
determined Refer WA 27.3.1.

In the past if there was a tie, the outcome would be determined firstly by
the total number of 6’s and 5’s, if still a tie the number of 6’s. Now in
the first instance the number of 6’s determines the tie, if still a tie the
number of 5’s.

Scorecards have now been modified to allow for the separate recording of
6’s and 5’s to comply with this change.

*New Club*

Archery Australia welcomes Byron Shire Archery Club at Byron Bay in
northern NSW. The club is registered through South Queensland Archery

The club can be found at facebook.com/byronshirearcheryclub or email

*Shooting in your backyard or on private property.*

Over the past few months with the growth of the sport and the proliferation
of cheap compound bows from Asia there has been a dramatic increase in
crime and incidents that in some cases have resulted in serious injuries
and deaths.

Fortunately to date no member of Archery Australia has been involved.

The most common incidents relate to people shooting in their backyard or on
private or public property without permission.

For this reason it is thought timely that Archery Australia reconfirm to
members our policy of shooting in the backyard.

This document can be found on the Archery Australia website under FAQ’s.

*Can I shoot in my backyard?*

In answering this question there appears to be currently no law in place in
Australia that prevents a person shooting in their backyard, although
Archery Australia is not a legal expert and formal legal advice should be
sought before you undertake such an activity.

Consider, is the property a rental property, units or housing complex or a
privately owner/occupied dwelling?

For rental properties, units and housing complexes check with the property
owner or body corporate.

This may vary from State to State and there may be specific laws regarding
types of properties.

You should also check your personal household and public liability
insurance policy; you may not be covered for such an activity.

You are *NOT* covered by the Archery Australia’s insurance policy when
shooting in your backyard.

*Archery Australia’s insurance only covers current financial members when
engaged in archery activities at approved venues detailed in the
Certificate of Currency and accompanying documents.*

Be aware, when engaged in archery activities on private property, although
there appears to be no specific laws covering this activity, action could
be taken by Police following a complaint resulting in charges for Making a
Public Nuisance, Discharging a Weapon or Endangering Public Safety.

You should also be aware that, if an arrow enters another person’s
property, you could be changed with Trespass and if the arrow strikes or
damages another person’s property further charges could follow.

The recommendation from Archery Australia is that you *DO NOT* shoot in
your backyard.

However, if you do, you must ensure you have the appropriate permission
from the property owner and that you have appropriate property and personal
insurance cover.

Also you should undertake an appropriate Risk Analysis of the planned

*Archery Rumors*

Over the past few weeks there have been rumors circulating that the
Queensland Government was planning on banning or requiring the registration
of compound bows. Archery Australia have been in contact with the
Queensland Government and they have provided the following response;

*The Government has no plans to require the registration of compound bows
in Queensland.*

*The idea was raised with the Ministerial Advisory Panel during community
submissions, and was quickly recognised as unnecessary.*


James Larven

Archery Australia Chief Executive Officer


*[SQAS Archery] QRE. Indoor results*

Hi All

Please distribute to your members.