Hello Fellow Archerombies,

Remember when coming to archery to –

Slip on the hat

Slop on the sunscreen

Slap on the shirt

Slup on the water that you bring


Peter Mc [?]

[SQAS Archery] SQAS Teams selection – Version 3.0

Hi Clubs,

Please distribute to your archers, place on notice boards and web sites etc
the latest version of the SQAS Team Selection Criteria for 2015.

Thank you

Brian Hagaman

SQAS Communications


Results attached


Invitations attached


pdf icon 27-12-14.pdf
pdf icon 28-12-14.pdf
pdf icon 2015-SQAS-Team-Selection-Criteria-v3.0.pdf
pdf icon MPB-QRE-Target-Invite-11-January-2015.pdf
pdf icon Results-Indoor-QRE-03122014-SVTA.pdf