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Have attached a copy of our Code of Conduct from our website. There is
heaps of useful information on our site for you to check out. ((
http://www.centenaryarchers.org.au ))


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*General Code of Conduct Guidelines*

(excerpt from Archery Australia’s Code of Conduct1)

– Respect the rights, dignity and worth of of others.
– Demonstrate an ethical, considerate, fair, and honest manner in all
dealings with other people or organisations.
– Be professional in, and accept responsibility for your actions.
– Refrain from any form of abuse toward others.
– Refrain from any form of harassment towards others.
– Refrain from any form of discrimination toward others.
– Refrain from intimate relations with any person with whom you have a
supervisory role or power over.
– Refrain from any form of victimisation towards others.
– Provide a safe environment for the conduct of activities in accordance
with any relevant Archery Australia policy or rules.
– Show concern and caution toward others that may be sick or injured.
– Be a positive role model.
– Be aware of Archery Australia, Regional Governing Body, and Club
Standards, rules and policies.
– Operate within the rules and spirit of the sport, including
international, national rules and guidelines that govern Archery Australia.
– Understand the possible consequences of breaching Archery Australia’s
Member Protection2, 3 and Child Welfare Policies3.
– Immediately report any breaches of the Archery Australia Member
Protection and Child Welfare Policies to the appropriate authority.


1: Code of Conduct, 3rd Edition, Archery Australia Inc Board, 2012, Policy

2: Member Protection Policy – Summary, 2nd Edition, Archery Australia Inc
Board, 2012, Policy #1021

3: National Member and Child Protection Policy, 5th Edition, Archery
Australia Inc Board, 2009, Policy #1022

For all Archery Australia official documents please visit their “Policies
and Procedures

page on the Archery Australia website


*[SQAS Archery] Results for distribution.*

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Please distribute to your members.

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*News From Archery Australia – August*


*2014 World Field Championships*

The 2014 World Field Archery Championships gets underway this week in
Zagreb, Croatia.

There are 10 archers representing Archery Australia in the Chamspionships –

Fiona Guest – Women Compound

Diann Benson – Women Compound

Michael Fisher – Men Barebow

Michael Turner – Men Barebow

Christiaan Odendaal – Men Barebow

Frances Atkins – Women Barebow

Emily Sutton – Junior Women Compound

Gabby Dale – Junior Women Compound

Mateusz Tonowicz – Junior Men Compound

Sean Pianca – Junior Men Compound

Team Manager – Stuart Atkins


Wed 20 August Qualification round 1- 24 targets unmarked

Thu 21 August Qualification round 2 – 24 targets marked

Fri 22 August AM Individual eliminations – PM Individual semifinals

Sat 23 August AM Team eliminations

Team finals

14:25 Junior team finals [Archery TV]

15:40 Team finals [Archery TV]

Sun 24 August

Individual finals

09:00 Junior finals [Archery TV]

15:30 Finals [Archery TV]

The finals will be in Archery TV on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th August.

*2014 Youth Olympic Games*

The 2014 Youth Olympic Games got under way last Friday night in Nanjing,
China with the Opening Ceremony.

There are two archers from Archery Australia representing Australia as part
of the Australian Olympic Committee team.

These archers are Nicholas Turner and Jessica Sutton with Coach Shih
looking after the archers.

The archery event gets under way next Friday 22 August with the Ranking
Round and Mixed Team Eliminations.

Fri 22 Aug AM Ranking round – PM Mixed team eliminations

Sat 23 Aug AM Eliminations: first round – PM Eliminations: first round

Sun 24 Aug Recurve mixed team AM Mixed team eliminations – PM Mixed team

Mon 25 Aug Recurve girls AM Eliminations: second round – PM Girls finals

Tues 26 Aug Recurve boys AM Eliminations: second round – PM Boys finals

Follow the event on the World Archery website www.archery.org. As this is a
IOC event, video will most likely not be shown on Archery TV.

*2014 National Indoor Medals*

Medals are being distributed this week, we apologise for the delay but due
to the large amount of errors with the results and data entry errors all
scores had to be checked.


James Larven
Archery Australia Chief Executive Officer


*[SQAS Archery] SQAS Flight & Clout Championships entry details (not

Please ignore previous message heading – it is FLIGHT & CLOUT entry details.

Terry Donovan