Hello Fellow Archerombies,

I do think that the days are getting longer.

Have fun.


Peter Mc [?]


Remember that End of Month Shoot is on this Saturday. Check the website for


*[SQAS Archery] Fwd: RE: QRE At SCAC on 13 July*

Hi All

Please distribute to your members.


*[SQAS Archery] SQAS Indoor Team Selection*

Hi Clubs,

As you know the SQAS Indoor Championships this year will be held at Samford
from 19 – 20 July.

The *2014 SQAS Indoor Teams* selection period has been running from *1
March *and ends on *29 June* 2014.

Could clubs now please, by no later than *4 July,* to send to the SQAS
Recorder Jo Williams joanne273@virginbroadband.com.au results shot at your
club by your archers for the Fita 18m Indoor Round.

For the selection of the official SQAS team the two best scores are

Only those rounds shot at events as included in your club’s official event
calendar may be submitted. Club Recorders may only accept valid score
sheets with scores properly witnesses, completed in full, and signed.

The final ranking for the selection of the SQAS team for the 2014 Indoor
will be taken from the addition of the best two scores.

Those archers eligible will be asked if they wish to be on the team and
should an archer decline the next archer on the list shall be approached.

The SQAS Management Committee has decided to support the team and subject
to the usual conditions will provide a SQAS 2014 team patch and refund the
cost of the entry fee.

*Would you also please take this opportunity to remind your archers to go
to the SQAS web site get their entries in, as they close on 6 July,
and there will be no late entries accepted.*

Thank you.

Brian Hagaman

SQAS Communications

*[SQAS Archery] SQAS Half Yearly Meeting Change of Date*

Dear SQAS clubs,

I am writing to advise you all that the Half Yearly Delegates meeting has
been brought forward to Saturday 23rd August commencing at 1 pm at the
Training rooms at the QRA.

It will commence immediately following the conclusion of the first day of
shooting in the SQAS Field Championship event.

Lunch will be provided for all delegates attending the meeting.

We will also be conducting a Risk Management workshop at 3 pm which all
clubs should attend so that they can be up to date with their compliance
and risk issues.

Terry Donovan will be sending out all the pertinent material to clubs in
time for the meeting.

I hope that this does not cause any inconvenience to your clubs and
delegates and I hope that all clubs can send delegates to attend.


Alison Hagaman

President SQAS.

*[SQAS Archery] SQASTarget results*

Hi All

Please distribute to your members.


*[SQAS Archery] Sporting Wheelies Come and Try: Archery – 31 August at

Hi Clubs,

Would you please approach your Archery Instructors and Club Coaches to see
if they can help out on this SQAS Sporting Wheelies Come and Try morning.

SQAS is running this one at Samford on Sunday 31 August 09.30 to 11.30.

The first Come and Try that SQAS run with Sporting Wheelies was at MPB back
in February 2014, and we had fantastic support from Archery Instructors and
Club Coaches from all across south Queensland, who came to help out for
this very worthy cause.

If any instructors/coaches can help out on this morning at the end of
August could they please email me at hagaman@techsus.com.au so I know what
numbers SQAS will have.

many thanks

Brian Hagaman

SQAS Communications

*[SQAS Archery] AQ AGM, this Saturday, 10am.*

Dear all,

The Archery Queensland Annual General Meeting will be held this *Saturday,
June 28th at 10:00.*

If you are nearby, please join us at Samford Valley Target Archers. A map
to SVTA can be found here.

If you will be joining us by internet conferencing please click this URL to
start or join: https://zoom.us/j/347634999 < %20https:/zoom.us/j/347634999>
Alternatively, go to https://zoom.us/join and enter *meeting ID: 347 634

The agenda for the meeting is attached. Reports to be presented are also
attached. These are:

– Queensland Government Funding Status: A report by Brian Hagaman, AQ
funding advisor

– AQ Treasury Report 2014

– AQ President’s Report 2014

– AQ AGM 2013 Minutes

Thank you!


Archery Queensland Secretary

*Archery Australia News July 2014*

NEW July 2014


National Indoor Championships will be conducted on the 19th and 20th July

For venue and entry information for local events use this link –


Last year there appeared at some venues confusion over how the target faces
are to be set up. To assist everyone the Officials Committee have put
together a comprehensive document as to how target faces should be set up
to ensure compliance with the rules.

This document can be found at the following link –



The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) is currently conducting
research that investigates motivation for physical activity. The research
is being conducted by Tegwen King and supervised by Professor Chris Pratt
at the ACAP and is ethically approved by the ACAP Human Research Ethics
Committee, Approval Number: 141200514.

Archery Australia members are invited to take part in an online survey. The
survey will be collecting data from those who undertake a mostly individual
sport such as archery. The research involves completion of a short online
questionnaire that takes 5 -10 minutes (containing 35 multiple choice

To complete the online questionnaire participants must be 18+ and currently
undertake some form of physical activity. Upon completion of the
questionnaire participants can go into the draw to win a $150 Coles Myer
gift card.

The link to the questionnaire is provided below


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tegwen
King: 221421@my.acap.edu.au


We came across some great archery photos in the Archery Australia office
recently and it got us thinking what other interesting archery photography
was currently residing with our members. In order to find out we decided to
run an Archery Photo Competition so that you can share some of the
wonderful photography our sport generates.

You might have a great action shot, a photo that captures the fun and
camaraderie of your club, a funny picture or something from the historical
archives that shows us about archery from the early days and if you do we
would like to be able to share it. We’ll be posting the best of the photos
on the Archery Australia Facebook page so that everyone can see what the
sport has to offer.

Because it’s a competition, and we all know archers enjoy some friendly
competition, there has to be something for the best pictures. We’ll have
some great Archery Australia shirts, caps and beanies for the best photos
but the real prize will be sharing your pictures with the archery family.
The photos will be judged by the Archery Australia staff.

Visit the link below to find out how to lodge your entry in the competition



We have recently created an Archery Australia History section on the
Archery Australia website. Over the coming months we hope to expand this

If you have old archery photos, scan them and send them to us at
submissions@archery.org.au and we will display them on the Archery
Australia website.

Also if you have old archery equipment or memorabilia contact us at

We have a large display of old equipment in the Archery Australia Office
and we are keen to expand the collection and keep this equipment safe to
ensure the history of the sport is maintained.

You can view the current history pages at the following links –



Historical Photos


Archery in Advertising



James Larven
Archery Australia
Chief Executive Officer

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copy and paste into you browser

pdf icon 13-7-14.pdf
pdf icon 2014-SQAS-Target-Champs.pdf
pdf icon AQ-AGM-29-6-2013-Minutes.pdf
pdf icon AQ-AGM-Agenda-2014.pdf
pdf icon AQ-Presidents-Report-2014.pdf
pdf icon AQ-Treasury-Report-2014.pdf
pdf icon Come-and-Try-Archery-31.08.2014.pdf
pdf icon Queensland-Government-Funding-Status.pdf