Hello Fellow Archers,

The week is going well and the birds are singing.

Have fun and take care.


Peter Mc [?]



*Saturday – 1/2/2014*
*Start at 09:30*

The following tasks need to be done to keep our Club looking good, working
good and keep the council off our back.

Jobs are as follows:

– Clean out gutters from clubhouse – PRIORITY – Ross?
– Clean out shed (with dump run – we’ll need a trailer or ute) – PRIORITY
– Add in more star pickets as needed
– Fix target timber frames – PRIORITY
– Dig up old line markers in the field and re-put down in right place –
– Plant trees/bamboo next to container – PRIORITY
– Tidy containers
– Straighten the line of star pickets on RH of field
– Secure the star picket caps on the new posts along the driveway with
zip ties.

Equipment for members to bring:

– gloves

– cordless dril / screwdriver

– shovels

– rakes

If you can assist with any of the following then please join us.


*[SQAS Archery] Membership reminder*

Hi Clubs,

This is a reminder to clubs about the need to undertake regular audits to
ensure that everyone shooting at your club has a current AA membership card.

Also if you are hosting a QRE or other tournament event, as the organisers
of the event you need to undertake a check to ensure that everyone entering
has their current AA membership card or if they have just paid their club
to renew their membership then until their card arrives they need to have
a receipt demonstrating that their membership is current.



SQAS Communications


*[SQAS Archery] SQAS Youth Camp information*

Hi Clubs,

This email notice contains important information from the SQAS Youth
Coordinator, Dave Sutton, about the SQAS Youth Camp to be held in February
2014 in preparation for the Archery Youth National Championships in

Please place the notice on your club notice board and on your web site.

Would you also please email out it out to all your members and bring to the
attention of all your youths.

*Youth archers are you going to NYAC2014 in Adelaide.*

* If you are going you need to get your entries in soon as you will have
you have to pay a late entry fee from February 14th. If you want to
represent SQAS on the team then you need to consider the selection
requirements. They are available on the SQAS website. Last year we had a
team that could have won the recurve event if the archers had completed the
selection requirements. There is two days of training and orientation on
the 22-23rd February at MPB. If you are interested please email Dave Sutton
**sutton12345@me.com* < sutton12345@me.com>*. This time the weekend will not
be residential. If you want contact advise for accommodation please ask
Dave. This weekend is not a coaching camp it is about meeting your squad
mates and finding out what to expect at the event. It is also only open to
those who have registered for the event.*

* The Trans Tasman is a great tournament between youths from Australia and
New Zealand. It will be held in Brisbane in September 2014. Please have a
look at the nominations on the AA website. Many archers have used this
event as a stepping stone to major international events.*

I very much encourage our youth archers to 1. enter the Youth Nationals
(Adelaide April), 2. seek selection in the SQAS Youth Team for the Youth
Nationals, 3. attend the SQAS Youth Camp (February), 4. try to qualify to
entering the Trans Tasman (Brisbane September).


Brian Hagaman

SQAS Communications


*Subject: AA News 2014/1*

*Archery Australia OFFICE CONTACT*

The email address for the Archery Australia Office is info@archery.org.au.
It has been brought to our attention that for some reason people are using
the email extension @archeryaustralia.com.au. This is not an email address
ever used by Archery Australia. If you have sent an email to the Archery
Australia Office and not received a reply please check the email address
and send again.

*Archery Australia Office contact details*

Address – P.O.Box 54, Panania NSW 2213

Phone – 02 9772 2995

Fax – 02 9772 2749

General Email Enquiries – info@archery.org.au

Membership Enquiries – aaadmin@archery.org.au

Membership Database Management Enquiries – database@archery.org.au


Entries to the 2014 Australia Open close shortly – 7th February although
late entries close on the 20th February 2014.

Entry information can be found on the Archery Australia website at the
following link –



The 2014 Youth National Championships will be conducted in Adelaide from
the 14th to 19th April 2014.

Late entry fees will apply from the 14th February 2014.

Entry information can be found on the Archery Australia website at the
following link –



On the 15th-16th February 2014 two of our recurve archers (one Male and one
Female) will be travelling to Auckland NZ to try and secure places for the
Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing China in August. If we do gain places there
will be a selection process for the Australian Youth Olympic Team, which
will be open to recurve archers born in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

The official selection process will not be released by the AOC for some
time yet. However, archers will need to have shot WA 60/720 QRE scores
prior to the NYAC and will need to compete as a Cadet at the NYAC as part
of the process.

What are the qualification scores and process that has been set?
2014 Australian Youth Olympic Team Performance Criteria

The archers shall be required to achieve the following performance criteria
between the following dates and register with Archery Australia by the

– In the time slot below, achieve at least Tier 3 for Cadet Recurve in
the Archery Australia NHPS.
– Archers should be aiming to achive Tier 1 scores to improve their
changes of selection.
– Shoot in the Cadet Recurve division at the NYAC2014 in South Australia
in April 2014

Archers who have registered for selection and have shot Tier 3 or better
qualifying scores shall be ranked by their 144 Arrow round score from the

The top ranked eligible Male and Female from the target event at the
NYAC2014 will be nominated to the Australia Olympic Committee.

NHPS Timeline Details:

Qualifying Start Date: 1/11/2013

Qualifying End Date: 1/4/2014

The following scores are taken from the NHPS


*Tier 1*

*Tier 2*

*Tier 3*

*Tier 4*

*Cadet Male*





*Cadet Female*





The score may be shot within the designated period in a tournament
(domestic or international) or QRE. For the 144 Arrow rounds the following
table shall apply.


*Tier 1*

*Tier 2*

*Tier 3*

*Tier 4*

*Cadet Male*





*Cadet Female*





If you are looking for selection you should be striving to shoot Tier 3
scores or higher. Remember application must be sent to
youthcommittee@archery.org.au by the 4/4/14.

*2014 Trans-Tasman*

The Trans-Tasman is a great stepping stone for those archers wishing to
compete internationally. Currently, the Youth Development Committee has
received very few nominations for the event. The selection document is
available on the Archery Australia website at the following link –


*Youth Development Tier Structure*

Hopefully many of you will have seen the National High Performance
Structure and the associated Tier Scores for senior and older youth
archers. Very soon the Youth Development Committee will be releasing a Tier
Structure for all youth age groups including Intermediates and Cubs. I hope
that all our youth archers will work towards achieving scores and gaining
places within the Tiers.

If you have any questions regarding these items or other youth archery
matters please contact us at

James Larven

Archery Australia Chief Executive Officer


*[SQAS Archery] AQ Newsletter*

Hi Clubs,

Please distribute the attached Archery Queensland newsletter to your

Kind regards,

Naomi Etheridge

AQ Secretary


*[SQAS Archery] Invitation Practice Day Ranking Round & Matchplay – SVTA 8

Hi Clubs,

SVTA will hold a Practice Day comprising a ranking round and matchplay on 8

See attached.




pdf icon AQ-Newsletter-Jan-2014.pdf
doc icon Matchplay-Practice-Day-SVTA-8-February-2014.doc