Hello All,

Hope you are all keeping dry.

Please read about the Club Working Bee this week-end


Peter Mc [?]


*Field working bee!*

Hi everyone,

This weekend we’d like to tidy up the field a little in preparation for the
AQ Target Championships that’s happening on Sunday June 28th.

The main goals are:

1. To clear the grass that is covering the lane markers in the field

– Please bring a whipper-snipper or edger if you have one!

2. Replace cores where necessary and fix the wood on broken target frames.

– Cordless drills would be handy for this. The club has one, but
more would speed things along.

3. Put scoresheets on clipboards.

There is a class on in the morning, so we’ll be working on the lane markers
on the right hand side of the field from 10am until 1pm, then we’ll work on
the left hand side when the class is finished.

We will be working on the target butts from 10am too.

General shooting should begin about 2pm – but only when we are finished our

Please come along any time after 10am to help if you can, even if it’s just
for an hour or so before you shoot for the afternoon.

Thank you!



*[SQAS Archery] AQ Champs Flyer*

Hi Clubs,

Please remind your archers about the up coming Archery Queensland

Please encourage your members to consider entering.

Entries close on the 21 June.




*Archery Australia News 14/2015*

*2015 World Youth Championships*

Congratulations to the Female Compound Cadet Team who won Bronze at the
2015 World Youth Championships in Yankton USA.

The Team is –

Niamh Jones
Madeline McSwain
Madeleine Salvestro

*2015 National Indoor Championships*

The 2015 National Indoor Championships is only 5 weekends away.

Just to clarify a few points –

*Open Team Championships -*

The Open Team Championships will be contested in the following categories

*Youth: *


*Open: *

Barebow (Barebow recurve, Barebow compound and longbow)

*Master/Veteran/Veteran Plus: *


There is no limit to the number of teams that can be entered in each

Entries must be submitted in writing to the local Organising Committee no
later than by 5pm local time on 4 July 2015 or online at the following link


Changes can be made up until 30 minutes before the first official practice
commences on the 18 July 2015 at that local venue.

Archery Australia Championships medals will be awarded in each category.
For non Archery Australia Teams an Archery Australia Visitors medal will be

*Team requirements:*

– There will be up to four (4) members in a team
– Teams can be mixed gender
– A team name must be submitted at the time of entry
– Team members can be from the same or different clubs, RGBs,
associations or countries.
– An athlete may not compete in more than one (1) team unless entered
more than once in the Championships event and in different categories.
(e.g. an eligible archer may choose to shoot both as an Open and as a 20
and Under, so will shoot 240 arrows over the weekend and pay two entry
– All members of a team will shoot the same bow type – either Recurve or
Compound or Barebow (may be a combination of Barebow Recurve, Barebow
Compound or Longbow)
– Team members must be shooting in the age division compatible with
their team entry
– Youth – all team members to be 20 and Under or younger and in category
entered in event.
– Open – archers from any of the 7 age divisions may be in this team.
– Masters/Veteran/Veteran Plus – all team members to be Masters, Veteran
or Veterans Plus in age and in category entered in event
– Team winners will be decided on the aggregate of the best 3 team
members’ scores over the 2 rounds (120 arrows/archer).
– Archery Australia Championship or Visitors gold medals for any given
category will only be awarded if there are at least 3 teams entered in that


Archers Diary will be used for results during the 2015 National Indoor.
Live arrow for arrow online scoring will NOT be used as not all venues can
offer this facility at this time.

Scores will be entered into Archers Diary after each 30 arrows.


In line with World Archery and Archery Australia Shooting Rules the maximum
diameter of arrows for the indoor is –

World Archery Indoor Round –

* An arrow consists of a shaft with a tip (point), nocks,
fletching and, if desired, cresting. The maximum diameter of arrow shafts
shall not exceed 9.3mm (arrow wraps shall not be considered as part of this
limitation as long they do not extend further than 22cm toward the point of
the arrow when measured from the throat – nock hole where the string sits –
of the nock to the end of the wrap); the tips (points) for these arrows may
have a maximum diameter of 9.4mm. *

*All arrows of every athlete shall be marked with the athlete’s name or
initials **on the shaft**. *

*All arrows used in any end shall be identical and shall carry the same
pattern and colour(s) of fletching, nocks and cresting, if any. *

*Tracer nocks (electrically/electronically lighted arrow nocks) are not

National Indoor Round

* For the Australian Indoor Rounds, management procedures will
follow World Archery Indoor Rules (refer to World Archery Rules) with the
following exceptions:*

* The maximum arrow shaft diameter is 10.72 mm (0.422”) and for the
point 10.82mm (0.425”).*

Refer to Archery Australia Indoor Shooting Rules for all variations to
World Archery Indoor Round when shooting the National Indoor Round.

NOTE: The size 9.3mm generally relates to 23 size arrows and the size
10.72mm generally relates to 27 size.

Always check the true diameter of the arrow shafts you plan to use as the
diameter of the shaft will vary for each size arrow.

The centre diameter for each brand and model arrow is always the same to
allow for the same points to be used. The spine is varied by changing the
outside diameter of the shaft.

An example of this is an Easton 2315 is slightly under 9.3mm but a 2317 is
well over 9.3mm.

Other examples –

– Easton 2314 size is 9.1mm and 2315 size is 9.25mm.
– Easton Fatboy 400 size is 9.05mm and 340 size is 9.15mm
– Carbon Express X-Buster 500 size is 9.09mm, 400 size is 9.14mm and 350
size is 9.22mm

Venues and Entry Forms

Details of local venues and entries forms can be found on the Archery
Australia website at the following link –


Good Shooting

Jim Larven
Archery Australia Chief Executive Officer

pdf icon AQ-Target-Champs.pdf