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*[SQAS Archery] Field Silver Arrow & QRE closes Wednesday 1st July*

Please register your entries for this event before it closes.

Terry Donovan


*[SQAS Archery] AA/SQAS Indoor Championships*

Hi Clubs,

Just a reminder that entries close for the AA National/SQAS Indoor
Championships on 5 July.

This event this year will be held at MPB at Belmont on 18 and 19 July.

So as to generate awareness could you please place the flyer on your web
site, on your club notice board, mention at club meetings and announcements.

Could you also please give your archers a reminder if they are considering
entering and have not done so, to enter soon.




*Archery Australia News 15-2015*

*2016 World Indoor Championships*

The 2016 World Indoor Championships will be conducted from the 1-6 March
2016, Ankara Turkey. The 2015 National Indoor Archery Championships will be
used as the fist step in the Team Selection process.

The selection policy and associated documents can be found on the Archery
Australia website at the following link –


To ensure everyone is fully aware of the process I have put together this

There are three steps to the process –

Step One – To be considered for selection archers must

1) Be an Australian citizen.

It is a World Archery requirement that anyone representing a country must
be a Passport holder of that country. To obtain an Australian Passport you
must be a citizen of Australia.

2) Be a current and remain a current financial affiliate of AA.

Step Two – 2015 National Indoor Championships

1) Shoot in the 2015 National Indoor

2) Any athlete (up to 3 athletes in each division) who shoots one
qualifying score at the 2015

National Indoor Championships will be eligible for immediate selection into
the team upon completing and submitting the forms listed in 2.2 of the
Selection Policy by the 5pm 3rd August 2015.

*NOTE – Selection will be automatic up to the first three athletes in each
division who shoots one qualifying score at the 2015 National Indoor
Championships, agree to be a team member and submit the required forms
listed in 2.2 of the Selection Policy by the 3rd August 2015*.

Step Three – MQS

If any position remains unfilled following the 2015 National Indoor
applicants who submit the

highest 2 MQS shot during the period 1st March 2015 to 30th September 2015
and complete

and submit the forms listed in 2.2 of the Selection Policy by 5pm 2nd
October 2015 will be considered for selection.

The MQS (Minimum Qualifying Score)

*Compound Men 580 Plus*
*Compound Women 565 Plus*
*Recurve Men 575 Plus*
*Recurve Women 560 Plus*
*Compound Junior Men 565 Plus*
*Compound Junior Women 525 Plus*
*Recurve Junior Men 560 Plus*
* Recurve Junior Women 530 Plus*

*Recent Questions*

*I am a Cadet archer; can I still shoot in the Cadet division 2015 National
Indoor Championships and still be eligible for selection?*

Firstly there will only be a Junior Division contested at the 2016 World
Indoor Championships, in Australia we refer to this division as 20 and

As detailed in section 4. Eligibility of the 2016 World Indoor
Championships Selection Procedure a person from a younger division can try
for selection, in either the Open or Junior (20 and under) divisions.

As everyone competing at the 2015 National Indoor Championships will be
shooting the same rounds within their bow type, they can still compete in
their usual division but to qualify for selection they must shoot the
appropriate MQS for the division for which they are attempting to qualify.

Correspondingly a Master, Veteran or Veteran Plus may also shoot in their
usual division at the 2015 National Indoor Championships and try for
selection in the Open division but again they must shoot the appropriate
Open Division MQS.

*Why is the Junior Women’s Compound MQS lower than the Junior Women’s
Recurve MQS?*

As is usual policy the MQS has been developed based around the 16th Ranking
score from previous World Championships.

When you closely look at scores from previous World Championships in
particular as you go down the ranking list the first point you notice there
is usually less competitors in Junior Compound Woman than Junior Recurve

The second point you notice is the first two or three places in Junior
Compound Woman have shot higher scores than Junior Recurve Women but this
changes quickly and scores for each place tend to match each other as you
go down the list with the compound scores dropping off the further down the
list you go.

The difference in MQS score for Junior Compound Woman and Junior Recurve
Women reflects the difference in standard around 16th ranking place.

This is not the same situation with all other divisions.

I hope this answers many of the questions we have been receiving

Jim Larven
Archery Australia Chief Executive Officer

*Archery Australia News 16-2015*

*2015 National Indoor Championships*

The 2015 National Indoor Championships is a little over four weekends away
and entries will be closing soon.

Archery Victoria has advised they have already closed entries as they have
exceeded the capacity of the two venues which is just under 300 competitors.

Information and online entries can be found on the Archery Australia
website at the following link –


*2016 National Archery Championships*

The Archery Australia Board has approved the dates and proposed program for
the 2016 National Archery Championships to be held in Adelaide.

1st to 5th October 2016

*Proposed program:*

Saturday 1st October:

Official Opening, Official Registration, Official Practice

Sunday 2nd October:

National Short Distance Championships WA/900.

Monday 3th October:

National Target Championships WA/1440.

Tuesday 4th October:
Double Clout

Wednesday 5th October:
National Field Championships and Presentation Dinner.


James Larven

Archery Australia
Chief Executive Officer

*Archery Australia News 17-2015*

*2015 National Indoor Championships*

To assist everyone who has entered or plans to enter the 2015 National
Indoor Championships we have put together a summary of the rules for
rounds, World Archery Indoor and Australian Indoor rounds.

Remember these are two separate rounds with different rules.

It is the responsibility of each competitor to fully understand the rules.

Over the past few weeks we have been asked some questions about the indoor
rules and the conduct of the event which has prompted the need to produce a
document that summarises the rules for both rounds and highlights the

This document can be found at the following link –


All competitors should read the document and the rules to ensure they fully
understand the important rules in particular arrow, scoring and order of
shooting differences between the two different rounds.

Have a question send an email to info@archery.org.au


Jim Larven
Archery Australia
Chief Executive Officer