Hi Everybody,

I do hope that your week is going along groovingly.

Should be good weather for shooting some arrows on Sarurday

Take care have fun

Peter Mc ?


*Centenary Archers Knews – QRE Workshop*

Hello All,

Letting you know that I will be running a workshop this Saturday (1 Aug) on

Topics include:

– Equipment Inspections
– Field setup
– Equipment failure
– Calling for a judge’s ruling
– Bounce outs
– Scoring
– Etc

Time: 12:00

Place: Clubhouse

All club members welcome.

No booking required – just turn up.

Warm regards

Strafford ?



This morning in Copenhagen the Men’s Recurve Team defeated Brazil to gain a
team and three individual positions in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Great shooting from Taylor Worth, Ryan Tyack and Alec Potts.

Congratulations to Coach Shih and Lorinda Rugless for the great work they
have done in planning and preparing our team for this event.

Also, thanks to the Australian Institute of Sport and Australian Sports
Commission along with the Queensland Institute of Sport for the support and
assistance they have given Archery Australia and the High Performance

The event will continue with Men’s Recurve and Men’s Compound Teams and
individual team members continuing pathway to GOLD.

Follow the championships live on www.archery.tv

James Larven
Archery Australia
Chief Executive Officer


*At our Club…………………………………………..*


*National Qualifying and Ranking Event*

*Sunday, 9 August 2015*

Single or Double WA 720 Rounds at 70 m, 60 m or 50 m

Single or Double AA 720 Rounds at 50 m, 45 m or 35 m

(Refer to Schedule 9A – Official Target Archery Rounds)


Adults: $15 per single round (or $20 for double rounds)

Under 18: $12 per single round (or $16 for double rounds)

A delicious lunch will be available for $5, following the morning round

Fees can be paid online using PayPal or Credit Card or in cash on the day

Payment on the day will incur a 50% late fee


Equipment inspection for the *morning round *will begin at *08:30 *followed
by a minimum of 20 minutes practice after which scoring will commence

Equipment inspection for the *afternoon round *will begin at *12:30 *followed
by a minimum of 20 minutes practice after which scoring will commence

*[SQAS Archery] New Funding Program: Young Athletes Travel SubsidyPlease
register for the Event via the Archer’s Diary Electronic scoring will be
available to archers through I Scored Today *

*Please pay for the Event via the CALENDAR on our website *

*Go to 9 August 2015 & click on the link, or use the following: *


*Please ensure that you bring your current AA membership card with you as
you may not participate without proof of current membership *

*Don’t forget to “Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide” Please note that, while toilet
facilities are available, there is no potable water available on site; so
bring along your own drinking water *

*ENTRIES CLOSE: Midnight, Friday, 7August2015*

For further details contact Phil Buhot (tournaments@centenaryarchers.org.au
or phone 0412 200 436)

*Centenary Archers Club, 427 Wacol Station Road, SUMNER QLD 4074*



Did you know that your Club Fees and Ground Fees are kept low by the Class
fees from Come n Try Classes and Beginner Classes. These Classes are run by
a small number of club members who freely give their time to supervise
these Classes.

How can I help these people whilst they are supervising these Classes I
hear you say.

A good question I say.

One way is to volunteer to be a Club volunteer. The more volunteers we get
then the less work to do for everyone. You may only have to do something
once or twice a year.

Examples are:

· Come in at 09:00 on a Saturday and help with Class field set up

– · Tidy up a container
– · Trim the target markers
– · Clean the loo
– · Maintain targets
– · Stay behind to help with field pack-up
– · And many, many, many other fantastic tasks

Meet new archery mates, share a laugh and have fun helping.

*If interested in becoming a volunteer – Please See Strafford or Michael or
Naomi or Sandy or Peter Mc (The Committee)*



Clout Archery is a traditional archery event, having its roots back to
medieval times when archers would lob their arrows onto advancing armies.

Clout archery is shot over long ranges with distances up to 180 metres,
depending upon the equipment used. The target is laid flat on the ground
and archers shoot their arrows into the air attempting to land the arrows
in the target.

Aiming is achieved by using a bow sight or, for Barebow divisions, without
a sight.

The ‘Clout’ is a triangular shaped object placed in the centre of the
target circle. The various scoring areas are identified with coloured flags.


*If interested in having a go – Please see Strafford or Michael or Naomi or
Sandy or Peter Mc (The Committee)*

If enough interest a Sunday shoot at the club could be organised.


*Fwd: Archery swap and sell morning at Samford 5 September*

‘morning Peter

Could you pass this message on to members please.

Warm regards

Strafford Stark


*[SQAS Archery] Archery Instructors Course* *(If interested, please see
Strafford or Michael)*

Hi Clubs,

Please find attached a flyer for the next SQAS Archery Instructors course
which shall be held at MPB on 10 and 11 October 2015.

These courses are designed to train archers to become Archery Instructors
so that they can help deliver Archery Beginner Courses and Come and Try
sessions at your club.

Accordingly I encourage your club to consider seeking expression of
interest in your club.

Please note the cut off dates.

Expressions of interest need to be sent to me on the attached registration
form please.


Brian Hagaman

SQAS Coaching Coordinator