Hello All,

Next Saturday is our Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is a necessary
meeting to have and is normally very short and held at 3:00pm or 15:00 hr.

Please suuport your Club and come along for a shoot and a vote. How boom
boom boom is that!!!!!!.


Peter Mc [image: 🙋]



*NVITATION Graeme Jeffrey Memorial World Archery Registered Event Centenary
Archers Club Sunday, 4 October 2015*

See attached poster
It would be fantastic for anyone who was influenced in Archery by Graeme to
shoot in this event


*Summer Holiday Archery*

Hi everyone,

We have a school-holiday archery program running this school holidays, so
the club may be open on certain days from 10 to about 2. If, as a member,
you’d like to do some mid-week archery YOU MUST REGISTER. If no-one lets us
know that they’re coming to the club, then we won’t open up the field.

It’s easy to register – just go to this page
http://centenaryarchers.org.au/?p=3627), choose your date and pick the
“member’s shoot” ticket at the bottom of the page. You don’t need to
pre-pay; we just need to know that you’re coming (write your name in the
spot that says “budding archer”).

We can be there on Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday on both weeks of the
school holiday, starting on Sept 21st. Please register your interest in
attending by 6pm on the day prior to the shoot (or by 8pm tonight (Sunday)
if you want to shoot on Monday Sept 21).

Have a great week everyone!


Centenary Archers Club


*Centenary Archers Club Trailer silent auction*

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder that the club’s trailer that Graeme used to bring to
classes is for sale by silent auction to be held at *16:00 on Saturday
September 26th*, after the AGM at 15:00.

*Trailer details:*
Trailer is registered & has a current RWC.

It is in very good condition and is available for viewing on 26 September
2015 at the club grounds. It has a single axle, doors at the back and
sides, two welded shelves (with a back) the length of the trailer
(accessible by one of the side doors), a spare tyre, and a gas cylinder
holder welded to the frame.

*Eligibility to bid:*

Club members and parents of junior members. Club President will supervise
the auction and is therefore ineligible to offer a bid.

*Reserve Price:*


*Blind auction process:*

Any eligible bidder may provide a bid by placing a written bid, along with
their name and contact details, in a sealed envelope and placing the
envelope in the Bid Box at the Sign in desk.
Only 1 bid per envelope.
Bidders may place multiple bids.
At 16:00 the auction will close and Club President will supervise the
opening of bids.
The successful bidder will be the highest bid above the reserve price.
The name of the successful bidder and their successful bid will be
announced after 16:00 on 26 September 2015.
The Successful bidder:
• must pay bid price by cash, cheque or Direct Deposit to the account of
Centenary Archers.
• must remove Trailer on the day of the auction. is responsibly to transfer
Trailer registration and pay any fees associated therewith.


*SQAS: Trans Tasman Challenge 2016*

Dear RGB Secretaries,

AA have recently posted the qualification requirements for the 2016
Australian Trans-Tasman team.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could please forward the link onto
your clubs and their members. And also post it on your website and or
facebook page.


The Youth Committee is excited that we are able to give greater opportunity
to our young archers to have the chance to represent Australia in this
prestigious event. We see it as a stepping stone to having a greater and
more resilient group of young archers to select from for the 2017 Youth
World Championships to be held in Argentina.

The greater the pool of young archers with international experience either
via the Trans-Tasman, World Indoor, World Cups and Youth World
Championships can only be good for the development of our youth in the
sport we love.

Some will say that we have excluded our internationally experienced archers
from gaining further international exposure. Far from it, as we on the
committee see it as an opportunity for other archers on the cusp to be
given the opportunity to test themselves on the international stage. We
have other plans for our internationally experienced youth archers, which
will be broadcast as soon as we have everything in place.

It should also be noted that our internationally experienced youth archers
can also qualify for the TT team, but only if there are positions not
filled by other archers – please read the complete document carefully.

We hope that you will encourage as many young archers to participate in the
Selection process.

Yours in archery

*Anthony Maxworthy *

AA Youth Committee Chairman



pdf icon CAC-Target-041015.pdf