Hello Fellow Archerombies,

Let us take a few moments out this week to think of fellow archers and
those who are not archers who went through Cyclone Marcia last week.

Our late past treasurer Deb has recently had a holiday in Tasmania and
caught up with Coach Graeme. Have attached a photo. It is the right way
around as Graeme is in Tasmania

Also below is an email from Graeme with an update on how he is travelling.
Send him an email to say G’Day.

Have fun and take care


Peter Mc


Hi, Peter

Just letting you know that I have moved to: 1 Shelton Court, West
Ulverstone Tas 7315

I purchased this house about 1 month ago & was able to move in just last
Had lots of fun with furniture set-out & buying extra to make me at home.
Still having fun with things to buy for house & garden so far.
Even managed a quick visit by Deb having a Tas holiday.

Health is ok so far, but still have to take 5 pills per day and have
another mri scan mid-March to check head recovery.
Hopefully, head will be alright.

If anyone wants to contact me, please send e-mail to: archer_gj@bigpond.com
or mobile me: 0411-647-035

Regards to all,
Graeme Jeffrey



Hi All

Please distribute to your members.




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