Hello Fellow Archerombies,

January is almost done. Only 11 months to go till next Christmas.

Keep hydrated and remember your hats

Have added some guidelines and other information so you can see what Judges
etc have to do.

Also look for the invitation to the QRE at our Club for a National
Qualifying and Ranking Event Sunday, 15 February 201 5

Results attached as well.


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*[SQAS Archery] QRE INFO*

Hi All

Please see below.


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Date:19/01/2015 12:26 PM (GMT+10:00)


Please distribute the attached information to the appropriate people within
your club/judges as necessary.

Following the release of Archers Diary and the direction from Archery
Australia that the program is to be used from 1/1/2015 for all QRE’s and
Tournaments some changes to how we have processed our QRE / Tournament
scoresheets will be necessary.

I have updated the SQAS QRE guidelines to incorporate the new process, so
please take the time to read it. If you have any questions, please contact
me. Remember the sooner the archers diary entry is completed and
the scoresheets sent to the RLS the quicker the final results can be posted
and in time included in the ranking lists.

Judges please note there is a new Event verification form, which is to be
completed in place of the old QRE Judge sheet.

All archer scoresheets received by the RLS will be given to the State
Recorder for checking for records, awards etc and returned to club
recorders as soon as possible.

Other points to note.

New Target QRE rounds effective 1/1/15. There have been some changes, so
please ensure your archers are aware, so they can register for the correct
round for their age and division.

Archers diary will in the near future produce an individual Australian
Ranking list for all divisions and age groups. Please inform your archers
who wish to be included on the open ranking list that they will have to
shoot QRE’s and Tournaments in ‘Open Division’.

For archers wanting to represent Australia at international events where
the ranking lists are used as part of the selection process, the archer
will need to ensure that they are shooting the appropriate round and
division for event they are wanting to be selected for. i.e. Target World
Cups (open ranking list), Junior World Championships – Cadet Division
(Junior ranking list).



pdf icon 2015-QRE-Guidelines-updated-19-January-2015.pdf
pdf icon 2015-QRE-Guidelines.pdf
pdf icon 2015-QRE-Rounds.pdf
pdf icon 2015-SQAS-Calendar-Detailed-v1-0.pdf
doc icon Event-verification-form-template.docx
pdf icon QRE-20150215.pdf
pdf icon Results-Indoor-QRE-20012015-MPB.pdf