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*[SQAS Archery] AQ Champs Flyer*

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Please find attached the flyer for the AQ Championships, please let your
members know.


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*Archery Australia News 12-2015*

*May Board News*

The latest edition of Archery Australia Board News has now been published
and can be found at the following link –


*2015 World Archery Championships Team*

Following an extensive selection process which included the Australian
Open, World Cup 1 and World Cup 2 and Training Camps the Men’s Recurve Team
to the 2015 World Archery Championships has been selected.

Pending any appeals (

) and formal approval by the Archery Australia Board the Men’s Recurve team
will be –

• Taylor Worth
• Ryan Tyack
• Alec Potts

Reserve – Matt Gray

The selection of Men’s recurve team completes the selection process for the
team. Other members of the team are –

*Women Recurve*

Deonne Bridger
Ingred Brookshaw
Semra Lingard

*Men Compound*

Pat Coghlan
Robert Timms
Scott Brice

*Women Compound*

Louise Redman
Sherry Gale
Ella Hugo

*Performance Awards*

Australian 720 Star

Archery Australia 720 Stars are new for 2015.

There are available to all members who shot a 720 round in either a
registered tournament or QRE.

Each year there will be a new 720 Star available so you can strive to
maintain your level each year or achieve a higher level award.

Archery Australia 720 Stars are available for Recurve shooting the 70m 720
round (122cm target face) and Compound 50m 720 round (80cm 5 ring target

For more information –


Australian Field Stars are new for 2015

Australian Field Stars are available to all archers competing in a
registered World Archery 28 target Field Tournament or QRE. The award is an
annual award intended for all age categories, Gold – Recurve, Red –
Compound, Blue Barebow (Recurve and Compound) and Green – Longbow.

For more information –

Order your 720 Stars and Field Stars from your Club Recorder who can obtain
them from the RGB Recorder.

James Larven
Archery Australia Chief Executive Officer

pdf icon AQ-Target-Champs.pdf