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*Q*. What do you call a sheep rolling down a hill?

*A*. A lambslide

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*[SQAS Archery] Archery Australia High Performance Administrator Position

*From:* James Larven <jameslarven@archery.org.au>

*Sent:* Thursday, January 29, 2015 12:33 PM

*To:* jameslarven@archery.org.au

*Subject:* High Performance Administrator

Hi All,

Please find the attached advertisement for a Part Time position with the
Archery Australia High Performance Program in Brisbane.

Can you please distribute.


James Larven

Chief Executive Officer
Archery Australia

Phone 02 9772 2995


*Youth Camp Feb 2015*

Juniors, it is time to get your entries in for nationals. The early bird
entries close 22nd February.

Youth Nationals are being held in Penrith, Sydney, NSW

I always get asked at this time of year ” should I enter nationals” and
“how do I qualify”

So firstly, any youth member of AA can go.

SQAS will have recurve and compound teams and the selection details for
that is on the website.

You don’t have to be on the team to go and you would be part of the squad,
you team managers and coaches would look after you just the same.

The purpose of the team is for the inter state completion which our
recurvers winning 2014.

There is some funding for those on the team. Any questions just email me

Anyway back to the question, who should go? Archery is one of the few
sports that I have been involved in where anybody can go to nationals.
However you want to have a great time. Firstly you need to shoot the 144
world archery round for your division if you want to shoot target. If you
don’t know what that is let me know your bow type and year you were born.
Realistically you need to be at a level where you don’t miss very often at
those distances.

If you are considering it and have not shot beyond club shoots I strongly
recommend you shoot as many qre’s as you can between now and April.
Although it is not the same round you will get better experience if
competitive shooting with the timing gear.

Also be a bit careful with your expectations. There will probably be
recurvers shooting 1300 and we may even see a 1400 from one of the
compounders. Make sure your expectations are within your current ability.
It really is about taking part, some you win, some you don’t.

If you are still reading, what to do now . Get your entry in and then send
me an email so that we can keep you informed about the finer details.

There is a preparation day at Mount Petrie Bowmen on the 28th February. We
will go through the event, preparation, gear etc.
If you want to attend the day please email me. I will send details to those


Dave Sutton




I am pleased to advise the Archery Australia insurance policy has been

A copy of the 2015 Certificate of Currency can be found at the following
link –



It has recently come to the attention of the Archery Australia, through a
number of member enquiries, that a system of coaching and coaching
accreditation is being privately promoted at some NSW clubs, and perhaps
elsewhere. Amongst other things, those members making enquiries have
sought guidance as to whether the coaching system forms part of, or is
recognised by, or approved by Archery Australia as part of the national
accreditation of coaches by Archery Australia.

Archery Australia is not in a position to comment on any merits of this
coaching scheme or the method taught under it, other than to note that it
is not approved by, or endorsed by, Archery Australia, nor has any approval
been sought. Similarly, the private accreditation does not render any
recipient eligible for automatic accreditation under the Archery Australia
Coaching Scheme.

The current coaching and shooting method promoted by Archery Australia, and
approved by the current National Coach, is a method designed both to
maximise consistency while at the same time minimising the risk of serious
and possible career ending injury. Anyone considering any alternative
approaches or methods should inform themselves fully about the approach or
method, and satisfy themselves that the alternative is likely to achieve
both goals.”


The dates have now been finalised for the 2015 Australian Field Open.

It is hoped this will become an annual tournament being introduced from
2015 for all Field archers.

The Australian Field Open Championships is based on World Archery World
Field Championships.

Date: 29th, 30th and 31st May 2015

Location: Sherbrooke Archers, Melbourne Victoria

Proposed Program:

Friday – Practice
Saturday – 24 targets Unmarked WA Field
Sunday – 24 targets Marked WA Field
Sunday – Top four shoot out

Divisions: Recurve, Compound and Barebow Recurve


Early entries for the 2015 National Youth Archery Championships close on
the 22nd of February 2015.

The event venue and format has capacity for approx. 220 archers and numbers
are filling quickly. To ensure you don’t miss out make sure you get your
entry in early.

We are expecting very large number of entries. For information and to enter
use the following link –



National Matchplay Series No 4 will be conducted at Liverpool City Archers
in Sydney on the 21st and 22nd March 2015

Online entry form is available at the following link –


If you plan to shoot get in early as spaces are limited.


In the December 2014 Board News an article was published concerning the use
of camouflage equipment. Unfortunately there appears to be some level of
confusion over this article which has prompted a number of member questions
to the Archery Australia Office. The article read –

*For people considering trying for selection to an International team, be
aware that World Archery has advised that the use of any equipment or
personal items s that is camouflage coloured or has a camouflage pattern is
not permitted at World Championships and World Cups. This includes all
equipment that is taken onto the Field of Play i.e. bow, clothing, quiver
etc even items such as a carry bag, armguard, scope tripod or binocular

*Archery Australia takes a slightly different view of camouflage coloured
equipment. For tournaments conducted in Australia it is accepted that
camouflage coloured equipment in particular bows are permitted, as they are
generally cheaper to purchase than coloured bows and we do not want to
disadvantage people.*

*Our rules only restrict the wearing of camouflage clothing. Refer to
Archery Australia rule 7.10.7 that states –*

*The following items of clothing are not permitted:*

*Clothing with inappropriate or offensive images, slogans or advertising.*
* Untidy, unclean, damaged or torn clothing.*

*Camouflage style clothing or clothing intended to break-up a person’s
image or blend into the bush, such as green or green-based camouflage.*

It is clear the total ban on Camouflage equipment and clothing only applies
to specific World Archery tournaments such as World Championships and World

Except for Archery Australia rule 7.10.7 it does not apply to any
tournament conducted in Australia under Archery Australia and/or World
Archery rules even World Archery registered tournaments.

In recent discussions with the World Archery Secretary General this rule
for World Championships and World Cups was introduced only from an image
and presentation point of view. World Championships and World Cups are
videoed and this video is shown in many cases live on TV and YouTube.

Archery Australia rule 7.10.7 was introduced from a safety point of view
and not necessarily from an image or presentation point of view.

James Larven
Chief Executive Officer
Archery Australia