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Sorry that I have been missing for a little while.

Been helping renovating, gardening and moving furniture.

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*[SQAS Archery] SQAS Target Championships entry details*

The entry to the 2015 SQAS Target Championships will be available on the
SQAS website shortly. Please note the closing date is Wednesday 27th May.

Terry Donovan
*[SQAS Archery] SQAS Field C’ships closing on Wednesday*

The entry for the SQAS Field C’ships closes on Wednesday, so please get
your entry in before then.

Terry Donovan


The 2015 National Matchplay Series Final will be conducted tomorrow at
Victoria Square in the center of Adelaide.

Follow the competition with live scores at –


Following the event keep an eye out for the links to the videos.


Womens Recurve 1v4 1105 1120
Womens Recurve 2v3 1120 1135

Mens Recurve 1v4 1155 1210
Mens Recurve 2v3 1210 1225

Womens Compound 1v4 1250 1305
Womens Compound 2v3 1305 1320

Mens Compound 1v4 1340 1355
Mens Compound 2v3 1355 1410

Recurve Women Bronze 1440 1455
Recurve Men Bronze 1455 1510
Recurve Women Gold 1510 1525
Recurve Men Gold 1525 1540

Compound Women Bronze 1610 1625
Compound Men Bronze 1625 1640
Compound Women Gold 1640 1655
Compound Men Gold 1655 1710

Presentation 1715 1730


Jim Larven
Archery Australia Chief Executive Officer


*[SQAS Archery] Event Invitations*

Hi All

Please distribute to your members.



*Archery Australia News 8 – 2015*


Archery Australia is pleased to announce the launch of the new National,
RGB and Club Ranking List on Archery Diary.

The National Ranking List is the official list using only registered event
results (QRE, Tournaments, etc). The National Ranking List will also be
used for team selection for World Cups and low level tournaments.

The RGB and Club Ranking List includes all events, which is QREs,
Tournament and Club competitions and non registered tournaments.

Both lists can be sorted by RGB and or CLUB and can also be set for viewing
at either today’s date or what the list would have been at a specific date.

This makes it easy for Clubs or RGB to keep and maintain their own ranking
lists for selection of state teams or for local awards etc.

People can select differing dates to see where they were the month before
or any other date they wish.

The Ranking Lists cater for all Classifications and Divisions.

For the National Ranking List the scores shot are converted to a rating.
Ratings are then degraded by 2 points per calendar month. (Clout scores are
degraded by 5 points per month).

The same process will be followed for the RGB and Club Ranking List.

To keep up a rating you need to shoot regularly.

You will also be able to see at a click where you rank in your RGB or CLUB
by selecting from the RGB and then CLUB from the drop-down list.

This is an exciting move forward and we fell will prove to be a great
benefit for the sport in the future.

Thanks must go to the Archery Australia IT Committee for their efforts in
developing this addition to Archers Diary.

James Larven

*Archery Australia News 7 – 2015*

Official Results are now available on the Archery Australia website at the
following link

The latest edition of Archery Insights is now available on the Archery
Australia website at the following link.
We are in particular receiving feedback on proposed changes to the
Membership system; details can be found on page4 of Archery Insights.

The latest edition of Judges News is now available on the Archery Australia
website at the following link –

James Larven

*Archery Australia News 6 – 2015*


For your information entries will open shortly for the 2015 Australian Open
Field. The event with have limited places, 96 in total, so if you want to
ensure your entry you will need to get in as early as possible when entries
open this coming Sunday.

Entries will be available for this event from 6pm EST, Sunday 12th April

Entry numbers are limited and qualifying scores will apply. Further
information on can be found on the entry form at the Online Entry Form or
via the link below.


This is a new annual event being introduced from 2015 for all Field
Archers. The Australian Field Open Championships is based on World Archery
World Field Championships.

Date: 29th to 31st May 2015

Location: Sherbrooke Archers, Melbourne Victoria

Proposed Program: Friday – Practice Saturday – 24 targets Unmarked WA Field
Sunday – 24 targets Marked WA Field Sunday – Top four shoot out.

Divisions: Recurve, Compound and Barebow Recurve


Results can be found in Archery Diary at the following links





James Larven
Chief Executive Officer
Archery Australia

doc icon 2015-Field-Championships-Entry.doc
doc icon 2015-Target-Championships-Entry.doc
pdf icon MPB-QRE-Target-Invite-24-May-2015.pdf
pdf icon Target-QRE-HBA-30052015.pdf