Merry New Year All,

Hope you all had a good break.

Please check our website for details on coaching this Saturday to be
conducted by Michael.


Peter Mc [?]


*[SQAS Archery] Qre results*

For distribution



*[SQAS Archery] AQ Progress Survey*

Hi Clubs,

Please find below an email from Archery Queensland encouraging clubs to
complete the survey and also promote the survey wider to their members.


Brian Hagaman

SQAS Communications


*From:* Secretary, Archery Queensland <>
*Sent:* ‎Sunday‎, ‎28‎ ‎December‎ ‎2014 ‎10‎:‎47‎ ‎PM

Dear NQAA and SQAS Presidents,

As you may know, AQ is trying to assess its progress through a survey that
was sent to AQ member clubs on November 26. As we have had very few
respondents, AQ would like to request the RGB’s help to distribute the
survey to your members.

If this is acceptable to you, please use the link below in any means that
you see fit (website, facebook, newsletter, email, etc):

Thank you for considering this request.

Kind regards,


Naomi Etheridge

Secretary, Archery Queensland


*Archery Australia News 30 December 2014*

*December Archery Insights*
The latest edition of Archery Insights is now available and can be found at
the following link –

*2015 Para and VI National Championships and 1st Para and VI Postal
Further to my email of the 23rd December 2014 some people are having
trouble with the links to the Entry Forms for the 2015 Para and VI National
Championships and 1st Para and VI Postal Tournament.

I have now added links to the Archery Australia website and they can both
be found at the following link –

*Para Classifications*
I have also been asked about Para Classifications leading up to the 2015
Para and VI National Championships.

You can find details on Para Classifications at the following link on the
Archery Australia website –

With the assistance of the Australian Paralympic Committee, Archery
Australia will be conducting a National Archery Classifier Training and
Certification Course.

This course will be conducted in conjunction with the 2015 Para and VI
National Championships.

Para archers attending the championships will have the opportunity to be

For those not attending the championships we will be providing local
classification opportunities.

Local classification will be an interim national classification only. This
classification must be followed up by an international classification prior
to competing in any international tournament.International Classifiers are
always in attendance at international tournaments.

Happy New Year and good shooting for 2015 from the Archery Australia Board
and National Office.

James Larven
Archery Australia
Chief Executive Officer


*[SQAS Archery] MPB Indoor QREInvite*

Hi All

Please distribute to your members.



*News from Archery Australia – 23 December 2015*

*2015 QRE Guidelines*

Archery Australia have just released the 2015 QRE Guidelines. All QRE’s
conducted in 2015 must comply with these guidelines.

You can find the guidelines at the following link –

*1st Para and VI Postal Tournament*

In a lead up to the 2015 Para and VI National Archery Championships the
Para and VI Committee will be hosting a postal tournament in February of

The tournament will be open to all Para and Vision Impaired members.

Entry Form and Information –

*2015 Para and VI National Archery Championships *

Archery Australia is pleased to announce the 2015 Para and VI National
Archery Championships. The Championships will be conducted at Waverley

Entry Form and Information –

*2015 World Youth Archery Championships*

Following close of application to the 2015 World Youth Archery
Championships the following people have qualified for team selection –
*Compound Junior Women*
Hugo Ella-Rose

*Compound Junior Men*
Carroll Joshua
McDougall Matthew

*Recurve Junior Men*
Potts Alec

*Compound Cadet Women*
Jones Niamh
McSwain Madeline
Salvestro Madeleine

*Compound Cadet Male*
Rossiter Jarrod
Thompson Hamish
Howden Harri
Hopkins Joshua

*Recurve Cadet Women*
Sutton Jessica

*Recurve Cadet Male*
Wilson Kane

*Team Manager*
Sue Gliddon –

*Assistant Team Manager*
Anthony Maxworthy

*Archery Technology*

We are pleased to advise following the initial release of Jim Parks book
Archery Technology which sold out within 24 hours there has been an
additional print run.

All back orders have now been shipped and stock is now available.

You can order your copy of Archery Technology from the Archery Australia
Shop at the following link –

*2015 Australia Open*Entries to the 2015 Australian Open to be held in
Hobart close 6th February 2015.

You can find the entry form at the following link –

*2015 National Matchplay Series*

The next leg of the 2015 National Matchplay Series will be conducted in
Adelaide on the 10th and 11th January 2015.

Entry form is available at the following link –

*2015 Australian Field Open*

This is a new annual event being introduced from 2015 for all Field Archers.
The Australian Field Open Championships is based on World Archery World
Field Championships.

Date: 15th, 16th and 17th May 2015 (Tentative dates to be confirmed)

Location: Sherbrooke Archers, Melbourne Victoria

Proposed Program:

Friday – Practice
Saturday – 24 targets Unmarked WA Field
Sunday – 24 targets Marked WA Field
Sunday – Top four shoot out

Divisions: Recurve, Compound and Barebow Recurve

*Archery Australia Office*

The Archery Australia Office will be closed over Christmas period. The
Office will be closed Wednesday 24th December and will reopen on Monday 5th
January 2015.

On behalf of the Archery Australia Board and Staff we will like to wish all
members and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and good
shooting in 2015.

James Larven
Archery Australia Chief Executive Officer.


*[SQAS Archery] SQAS Archery Instructor Course 7 & 8 February 2015*

Hi Clubs,

Please find attached the flyer for the next Archery Instructors Course.

This course is being held in Byron Bay.

Could you please distribute to your members, place on your notice boards
etc and encourage anyone who wants to help your club with beginner courses
to register.

There is not another Archery Instructors course proposed until later in
2015 so I encourage people to consider this one.

Please note the early bird registration closes on 25 January and the first
12 places are free.


Brian Hagaman

SQAS Coaching Coordinator


*[SQAS Archery] Indoor QRE at SVTA in 2015*

Hi Clubs,

Please find attached the listing/invite to the indoor evening QRE’s hosted
by SVTA in 2015.




pdf icon AI-Course-Flyer-February-2015.pdf
pdf icon AI-Course-registration-form-February-2015.pdf
doc icon Indoor-QRE-Flyer-2015.doc
pdf icon MPB-Indoor-Invitation-2015.pdf
pdf icon Results-Target-QRE-SCAC-27122014.pdf
pdf icon Results-Target-QRE-SCAC-28122014.pdf