Hi Fellow Archerombies,

Hope you are enjoying life.

On Saturday I had the pleasure on having a tick attach itself to my body
whilst at archery.

Please be aware and check youself as high as possible, as low as possible
and then check possible after archery.

Below is a link to a Queensland Health site on ticks:


Now that you are itching, don’t forget the water, sunscreen, hat and
sunnies for archery.


Peter Mc 😎


*[SQAS Archery] SQAS Youth Camp reminder*

Hi Clubs,

I just wanted to remind the clubs about the SQAS Youth Camp on the 7 and 8

Would you please remind your youth archers and their parents about this
camp and encourage them to consider attending.

Registrations close on 24 October and must be done on line, just go to the
SQAS web site www.archerysqas.org.au

Please place the notice on your club notice boards etc.


Brian Hagaman

SQAS Communications


*[SQAS Archery] Fwd: SQAS events – November 2015*

Hi All

Please find attached the invitations for November events. Please
distribute to your members.


doc icon 2015-Field-SA-QRE-invitation-011115.doc
doc icon 2015-SQAS-Matchplay-Championships-141115.doc
pdf icon HBA-QRE-Target-INVITE-281115.pdf
doc icon MPB-QRE-Target-Invite-22-November-2015.doc