Hi Fallow Acherombies,

Not doing much on Wednesdays? Then I have knews for you. Please read below.


Peter Mc – Going back top work tomorrow – 😢


*Calling all Midweek Archers*

For those club members who wish to shoot during the week, Clive Roulston
has generously offered to open the club on specific days.

The club will be open on *Wednesday *each week from *1:00pm *to *5:00pm.*

These times may change based on Clive’s continuing availability – but have
a chat with Clive to see if he can make himself available on other days and

Obviously Clive will not open the field unless he knows there are members
shooting on the day so please contact Clive by email at car50au@yahoo.com.au
or phone 0418739605 with text or voice at least 24 hours before.

It would be appreciated if, at the completion of shooting, you could assist
Clive with the packing up and securing of club equipment and facilities.

Enjoy your archery and shoot safe,

Strafford Stark