Dress Regulations

You’ve probably seen the phrase on some competition announcements “Dress regulations apply”, but wondered exactly what they were. Well, here they are – in full from the Archery Australia Constitution and Shooting Rules book, Chapter 7 ‘Management of Competitions’, section 7.10 (page 112 of V4.3, Feb 2013).

The World Archery dress regulations are listed too – but these only apply to World Championships, World Cups, and the Olympics. Just for your information and amusement. From World Archery Constitution and Rules, Book 3 – Target Archery, Chapter 20.

Dress Regulations – Archery Australia

7.10.1 These dress regulations shall apply to the Target, Indoor, Field and Clout events conducted at all Archery Australia Championships and all World Archery registered events. The dress regulations for all other events shall be determined by the Organising Committee and shall be duly indicated in any entry information. It is the responsibility of athletes to ensure they comply with these regulations. Visitors are also required to comply with the Archery Australia Dress Regulations.

7.10.2 Athletes shall be neatly and cleanly dressed in casual attire. Such attire may be White, Club, RGB or National Uniform or Archery related merchandise.

7.10.3 During inclement weather conditions athletes may wear suitable protective clothing at their discretion.

7.10.4 Athletes may wear dresses, skirts, slacks, trousers, shorts or tracksuit pants, long or short-sleeved blouses or shirts may be worn. Pullover, cardigan, sloppy-Joe, sleeveless vest or track suit top may be worn. Hats may be worn at the personal discretion of athletes.

7.10.5 Shoes or boots shall be worn at all times, but these shall cover the entire foot, sandals or thongs are not permitted.

7.10.6 Advertising or sponsors’ logos are permitted but such advertising must comply with World Archery rules.

7.10.7 The following items of clothing are not permitted:

  • Clothing with inappropriate or offensive images, slogans or advertising,
  • Untidy, unclean, damaged or torn clothing,
  • Camouflage style clothing or clothing intended to break-up or hide a person’s image or blend into the bush, such as green or green-based camouflage.

7.10.8 It is the responsibility of the Organising Committee to determine if an athlete’s dress is unsatisfactory prior to the commencement of or during an event. The athlete concerned shall be given reasonable notice to comply with these regulations or alternatively shall be asked to withdraw from the event.

Dress Regulations – World Archery

20.1. World Championships are majestic occasions, honoured by the attendance of many dignitaries. All athletes, Team Managers and Officials participating in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies should be dressed in the uniform of their respective Member Association.

20.1.1. During the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup Events, athletes and team officials shall dress in sports clothing on the field of play.

– All members of one team by category shall be dressed in the same team uniform. The teams of one country may wear different design and colour uniforms. Team officials may wear a different style but should wear the same colours and should be easily identified as the official of their team
– Women shall wear dresses, skirts, divided skirts, shorts (these may not be shorter than the athlete’s fingertips when the arms and fingers are extended at the athlete’s side) or trousers, and blouses or tops (covering the front and back of the body, be fixed over each shoulder while still covering the midriff when she is at full draw)
– Men shall wear trousers or shorts (these may not be shorter than the athlete’s fingertips when the arms and fingers are extended at the athlete’s side) and long or short sleeved shirts (covering the midriff when at full draw)
– No denim or jeans may be worn nor any oversize or baggy type pants or shorts
– During the Team and Mixed Team match play competition the same colour and style shirt/blouse/top and the same colour pants/shorts/skirts shall be worn
– Due to weather conditions, protective clothing such as sweaters, track suits, raingear, etc. may be worn following approval by the Technical Delegate of the event or, in his absence, the Chairperson of the Tournament Judge Commission
– Headwear is optional.

20.1.2. Sport shoes shall be worn by all athletes and officials except for disabled athletes when included on their classification card. Sport shoes may be different styles but shall cover the entire foot.

20.1.3. Athlete numbers are to be prominently displayed on the athlete’s quiver or thigh and be visible from behind the shooting line at all times while shooting is in progress.

20.1.4. At Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup Events, all athletes shall have their name across the back on the shoulder area in combination with the name of their country (or three letters acronym). Team officials shall have their country name on the back of their shirt. The name and function of the team official are optional.

20.1.5. Athletes and team officials shall conform to the dress regulations during the Official Practice.

20.2. No advertising of any kind whatsoever shall appear on clothing worn by the athletes or officials at any time during

Author: Naomi Etheridge
Last updated: 2013-03-30