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World Archery Constitution and Rules: under ‘Rules’ on the left side menu

Queensland Archery Clubs: AA, 3DAAA, ABA

Clubs of Australia – be part of life, join a club!

Archery Australia – South Queensland Archery Society

Archery Australia – North Queensland Archery Association

  • Cairns Archers, Cairns
  • Mossman Archery Club, Mossman
  • Peace International Archery Club, Rockhampton
  • Townsville PCYC Archery, Townsville (Target – outdoor & indoor)
  • Townsville Target Archers, Rosslea

Australian Bowhunters Association

3D-Archery Association of Australia

Archery Dealers - International

More Archery websites

Archery Books

  • Archers Reference download – an essential for every bookshelf, and it’s free!
  • Total Archery, 2nd Edition 2005 , Ki Sik Lee & Robert De Bondt
  • Inside the Archer, 1st Edition, 2009, Ki Sik Lee & Tyler Brenner
  • Astra Archery Specific Physical Training Handbook, 2009, Tyler Brenner & Tony Di Zinno
  • Mastering Archery, James Park
  • Mastering Archery Technique Analysis, James Park
  • Mastering Bow Tuning, 2004, James Park
  • Mastering Compound Bows, James Park
  • Archery Fundamentals, 2004, Douglas Engh
  • The Simple Art of Winning, 1996, Rick McKinney
  • The Heretic Archer, 2005, Vittoria & Michele Frangilli