Newbies only!

So you’ve had a go at archery, you liked it, and now you want to give it a better go. What’s next? This is the place to find out!

How do I start at the club?

If you’ve done a Come & Try Archery day or a Beginners Course your next step is to become a full member – check out out our membership page.

Presently suspended due to COVID-19

your temporary membership will cover your insurance for an additional 4 visits to the Centenary Archers Club on Saturday afternoons. You will still have to pay grounds fees ($10 for non-members) and pay for equipment hire if you need it ($10 per bow and accessories).

Buy the right bow

  •  But what’s the right bow? This is question that only induces more questions. Longbow ? Compound? Recurve? Barebow or not? What poundage? What accessories? What brand? Argh!
    • Take a look at the pages written by out our club coach to get an idea of what you need:
    • Talk to an expert
      • If you’re a member at Centenary Archers then you’re in luck – our Vice President, Andre Buhot, is an expert at all kinds of archery equipment. He worked in an archery store for  several years and so knows the ins and outs of what is available, and what an archer needs from the beginning. He has seen many people turn up to the club with a bow setup that could be better, so he has offered to give advice on equipment purchases to anyone who asks! So, just ask!

Read something

Start tracking your scores

A good way to improve your archery is to start joining in the end of month shoots (EOMS) held on the last Saturday of every month. By participating in these competitions it helps you to improve your archery by encouraging you to focus on each arrow because they all count towards your score – it’s not just practice any more. You’ll get competition experience and learn how to score.

Your scores are kept and recorded by the club recorder and you can track your progress. Additionally, you will be eligible for Archery Australia classifications, ‘All Gold’ & ‘Perfect 10’ medals, and club records. To find out more check out the ‘Classifications‘ and ‘Awards, medals, & recognition!‘ pages where you will find out all the details.


Author: Naomi Etheridge

Last updated: 2013-05-02