Have you always wanted to try archery? Here's your chance!!


IMPORTANT: Due to the Covid-19 crisis Centenary Archers have postponed all future archery classes to a date yet to be determined.


We always encourage people to try archery! It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding. Start with a Come & Try Archery Class at Centenary Archers’ Club, then hone your skills with the two-day Beginner’s course. The club has beginner’s bows (recurve) suitable for everyone.


No matter what age or ability, everyone can learn. We have boys and girls as young as 8 years old, and adults well into retirement years who all participate in the sport either socially for exercise or competitively for awards. It can be a sport for the whole family to enjoy together.


Everyone will need to be able to hold about 7 kg in their dominant (i.e. writing) hand for about 15 seconds – when they pull back the bow they will be holding about 6 kg in their fingers. We also prefer that at least one parent accompany children under 12 years old, at least for the first lesson. If a parent also wishes to join in the lesson, they are most welcome.




Join a Come & Try Archery class now!

2020 Classes now available!

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Come & Try Archery Class

Learn the Basics! You will be fitted with the right sized bow and other gear, then given instructions on safety and how to shoot the bow properly. 

Arrive at 9:45am for a 10:00am start; class finishes at 1pm.

Join a Beginners Course now!

2020 Classes now available!

Advancing your Archery

Beginners’ Course

After you have done the Come & Try Archery Class, you can then participate in the two Saturday-morning course which introduces the new archer to all the aspects of archery – from proper shooting form to choosing your equipment to lessons on scoring during a competition. 

Arrive at 9:45am for a 10:00am start; class finishes at 1pm.

Class Schedule 2020

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Date Class
1 Feb Come and Try
8 Feb Come and Try
7 Mar Beginner’s Course
21 Mar Come and Try
4 Apr Come and Try
11 Apr Come and Try
18 Apr Come and Try
2 May Come and Try
9 May Come and Try
16 May Come and Try
23 May Come and Try
13 Jun Come and Try

20 Jun

Come and Try